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For many years, Ugandans everywhere enjoyed drinking their local gin. This gin recipe was passed down from generation to generation, a treasured blend of the land. When they arrived in Uganda, the British settlers called this gin: war gin because of its popularity during times of victory and celebration. Over time the name was localized until it became Waragi.

The sixties ushered in an exciting new time for change. Uganda gained its independence in 1962, and shortly after the new nation gave birth to another revolution, the first manufactured, triple distilled gin: Uganda Waragi, by a group of 26 blenders who formed the first association of Uganda Distillers and Vitners, led by Master Blender Joel Sentamu.

This unique gin was created by the lake shores in Port Bell, and the fresh waters of Lake Victoria continue to give Uganda Waragi its great tasting aromatic flavor a unique blend of strong, tangy lime flavor that comes from the zest of a lime and juniper berries from Greece. Uganda Waragi is the only Gin in the world to use the unique combination of Botanicals including lime peel, nutmeg and cassia bark.

Known as The Spirit of Uganda, Uganda Waragi, is a bold, vibrant Gin that has over the years taken a leading role in bringing people together. Since 1965, it is the spirit that binds Ugandans in celebration; so much so that it proudly and organically took on the colors of the Uganda Flag as it is an authentic representation of the Ugandan People. As a symbol of this change, the Crested Crane, a beautiful bird was chosen to be the representation of these newly found freedoms.

Uganda Waragi like the crested crane is distinct because of its ability to bring out the unity in her people. The Crested Crane is known to move only in pairs and has unrivalled solidarity just like the Uganda Waragi drinker.

Ugandans are free spirited, progressive, peaceful and carefree; some of the most beautiful traits of the Crested Crane. The crested crane just like Uganda Waragi is a representation of Ugandans true authenticity.

Uganda Waragi continues to create quality and represent a world class spirit having won the Monde Selection for 4 consecutive years and with an intention to continue this legacy of submission and victory.


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